Fly Fishing for Steelhead – Southern Oregon

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Rogue River:

The Rogue River is the most popular steelhead river in Southern Oregon.

Tom guides on the Middle and Upper River depending on river fishing conditions. Most fish are hooked on subsurface presentations using a combination of both dead drift and traditional swing methods. We access the river with drift boats and wade when possible. Drift boat fishing is favored on the Rogue because of limited access due to private ownership of the land along the riverbanks.

When fishing from a boat, we use both single-hand rods and the new switch rods. When possible we anchor the boat to fish runs, riffles, and tail outs from the boat or by wading.

Prime Fishing: Summer run Steelhead enter the river system in July and August. Peak times on the Rogue River run from mid-September through early November.

Applegate River:

The Applegate River, a tributary of the Rogue has a Steelhead winter-run.  Smaller in size than the Rogue, the Applegate makes casting and presentation more manageable for the intermediate angler. Fishing from the boat is not permitted on the Applegate, but Tom uses his raft for access to several runs along the river.

Prime-time for winter Steelhead on the Applegate and Rogue Rivers is late February through March.

October through April Tom works in the Southern Oregon area fishing for summer run and winter run Steelhead. You can book Tom through this web site or by calling Tom directly at (541) 450-8506.

Southern Oregon Coast:

The last few winters Tom has moved his guided fishing to the Southern Oregon Coast for winter run Steelhead. The rivers that he guides on are smaller in size and the drifts that he fishes are just a few miles from the Pacific, so the fish are bright and aggressive. Peak periods for this are early January through the middle of March. The fly fishing can be exceptional but the timing has to be right. If you have interest in fishing the Southern Oregon Coast, give Tom a call for details.

Applegate Steelhead

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