November Steelhead

October 26,2017

Were rolling into November and with just a few days left in October the weather and Steelhead fishing on the Rogue River can’t get any better. The Indian Summer were having in Southern Oregon is just what we needed. After all the smoke from fires throughout Southern Oregon we needed this clear warm weather to get ready for November’s rain. Although the sunny weather is not what we usually need for good Steelhead fishing the fish don’t seam to mind at all. The fishing has been fantastic with lots of big bright fish on both dead drifting nymphs and swinging flies.20171024_122319 20171002_114526_001

If you can’t make it up to Southern Oregon in the next few weeks then start looking at 2018 as your winter Steelhead fly fishing trip. The Southern Oregon Coast can have some outstanding fly fishing for  these fresh chrome bright Steelhead. As of January 1st I will be raising my rates. For a full day of guided fly fishing the  cost is raising $50.00 to $475.00. If you book a guided day in early 2018 before January 1st. you can save the $50.00. So e-mail my or call to get your dates booked for early 2018 NOW!  A couple of photos from the last few weeks on the Rogue. Cheers, Tom

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