First Time Fly Fishing

Catching a big one on the the Pit by the Bridge

Here is what a client said about their First Time Fishing Experience with Tom April

I had not been fly fishing since my daughters were born, about 18 years, but I had been to the Burney Inter-mountain area in my twenties and had experienced some of the most diverse, interesting and exciting fly fishing in my experience.

I wanted my husband, who had never done any fishing of any kind, to have a magical first time experience that would get him over the start-up hump so that I could resume my flyfishing exploits with him as my partner.

I found the Clearwater lodge and was lucky enough to have Tom April be assigned as our guide for a private and personalized week of flyfishing instruction.

Tom is an incredible teacher.  He broke it down in stages so my husband could pick up the basics very quickly, he gave my husband just enough information to enable him to get real fishing experience from the start.  He took my rudimentary skills, quickly reminding me of what I knew and refining my stroke, placement  and water reading ability to bring my skills to a new level.

We were out on the water the first afternoon, every day we fished a different kind of water, wide stream, rough water pocket fishing, boat fishing.  My husband caught more fish in his first week than I have in all my other trips combined.  And I caught more fish than he did, including some really big ones.

Tom handles all the details, makes it really easy, and has an in depth knowledge of the fishing environment.  You feel safe with the masterful skill and attention to detail that Tom pays to every step of the process.

This was a five star fishing experience, and now my husband is hooked too!