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Inter-Mountain Summer
July 3, 2014 I’m currently enjoying some Northern California summer fishing! Yep, it’s summer and the Inter-Mountain area of Northern California are certainly heating up. Not just the weather but the fishing as well! There is some excellent fishing on the Fall and Pit Rivers and Hat Creek. The Hex hatch on the Fall River is really getting going, but ... More
Intro summer - bug
June 25, 2014 Going into the summer months with a bang! The fishing has been real good with the catching…well, were loosing a few before we net them. But still a fun time out on the water. The “Hex” hatch is in full swing on the Fall River and late night fishing is the place to be.... More
Great Trout Fishing - man holding fish
July 3, 2014 There is some great trout fishing around Clearwater Lodge – it’s just fantastic! From the Pit River To The spring creeks  you can’t get much better fishing. The “Hex” hatch on the Fall River is starting with late evening fishing. A few pictures of some fish last week. Cheers, Tom Come join us!... More
Spring Time Fly Fishing - woman holding fish - spring
May 29, 2014 It’s spring fly fishing season, and as we go through the spring season, the fishing around Clearwater Lodge continues to to be excellent. All the freestone waters, like the Pit River, are experiencing great results. The Spring Creeks, like the Fall River, are also excellent. It’s been a perfect spring fly fishing season! Now that were heading ... More
Northern California and Fish!
May 2,2014 Well I’m back in the Inter-mountain area in northern California working for Clearwater Lodge. Trout fishing is always easy to come back to after a dry cold winter. The fishing has been best on the Pit River, but the evening hatch on Hat Creek is also good. Great weather and great spring fishing makes for a nice few ... More
Southern Oregon Coast Fishing
March 17, 2014 Because the Applegate River blew out a bit, I decided to go back to the Southern Oregon Coast for a few days of Steelhead fishing with a few good clients. The southern Oregon Coast fishing is at its prime! Good fishing with ten bright chrome Steelhead hooked in a couple days. Now back to the Applegate River ... More
Southern Oregon Fly Fishing, 2014 Early Season
December 23, 2013 If you would like to come enjoy these great areas, give me a call or contact me through the web page! Sign up for a nice day of southern Oregon Fly Fishing! Happy Holidays, Tom April Come join us!... More
Lower Sacramento Fishing
October 13, 2013 Lower Sacramento fishing was GREAT last week. There were lots of fish in the 16-20″ category. If you have a chance to go fishing….GO. I’ll be up on the Rogue River for the rest of the fall season. Come join us!... More
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