Trout Fishing Inter-Mountain Area

August 20th, 2017 Wow, the summer is blowing by and the trout fishing around Clearwater Lodge is GREAT! Lots of big wild rainbows from the Fall River Valley and nice wild rainbows from the Pit River have kept the Lodge humming. Here are just a few photos of some big rainbows last week at Clearwater Lodge. But now is the ... More
6/25/17 Yep you have to make the Cast and yep you have to select the right pattern and yep you have to make the drift. I think that’s why the art of fishing the Dry fly has lost it’s steam! Wait a minute, you actually have to fish without a bobber? If your willing to take some time and learn ... More
Although it’s summer, it’s been a bit above average for afternoon tempetuares .  Fishing around the Inter Mountain area has held up due to the cold spring water around the area. Trout have been feeding  throughout the day but most of us run for shade in the mid afternoon. George found this fish and many others mid day in the valley!... More
May 20,2016 As of today the fishing around the Inter-Mountain area has been Great! The freestone rivers under spring runoff but still running clear and the Spring Creeks are Spring Creeks, clear, cold and full of our spring time hatches. Looks like weather this week coming up is a bit on the showery side but that’s spring time in California’s inter-mountain ... More
August10,2015 Yeah it’s August but the weather has not been bad. Temperatures have been in the eighties and high fifties overnight. The fishing has also been good with lots of fish caught in the spring creeks and tail waters. As we go through August and into September we start thinking about Fall Steelhead fishing. If your interested in coming up to Southern Oregon ... More
The Inter-Mountain area is still fishing good! Holding up through the heat wave last week and yesterday’s thundershowers.The spring creeks and Stillwater’s are the place to be! Guided Pat and Pat-r from Reno and did well on the Stillwater’s.  ... More
June 15, 2015 Yep, it’s hot so out come the big hats. But the fishing is still real good. Most of the fishing has been on the tail waters and the spring creeks with there cool water. it looks like the weather forecast calls for more of the same. But if you want to stay out of the sun, how about fishing ... More
Spring time in the Inter-Mountain area of northern California equals great fishing! The weather remains good and it’s just a nice time to be up in this area. Also it’s nice to not have to worry about the drought conditions an the spring fed stream rivers and creeks around Clearwater Lodge. Beautiful native rainbows are the reward for the proper presentations!... More
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